Who I am

I create thoughtful and engaging written content in print and on the web for Franchisors and Personal Brands.

Why should you care?

Because it is clear that more and more people are looking for the highest quality content, not just for themselves, but to share with others. By making excellent content part of your marketing strategy, not simply an afterthought, you will stand apart from your competition.


Hours a week reading


Hours a week writing


Hours a week walking


Weekly cups of inspiration

My unusual skill stack includes:

  • A previous 15-year career in education
  • The knowledge that comes from having built and sold a brick-and-mortar business with partners and investors
  • A stint in the US Marine Corps
  • Conversance in multiple languages
  • A BA in Literature
  • Hosting over 500 podcast episodes across multiple subjects since 2012
  • An MBA
  • Living and working on four continents


"Working with Stephen has been an easy and straightforward solution. Previously I spent a lot of time interacting with various writers, but Stephen is very experienced in the game and was able to look at our existing content to make sure new content got done in the same voice. Working with Stephen means consistent delivery, high quality, and excellent results."

"Stephen helped us with copywriting and content strategy and we are more than grateful. When the operating parameters were changed because of Covid, he worked with us on our content strategy while we pivoted to a delivery model and developed a new line of products. He sees the big picture and has creative ideas, often thinking out of the box while having a keen commercial and business sense. We also appreciate the strategy brainstorming sessions guiding us to be more focused in our marketing efforts. He is organized, punctual, proactive and kept our content strategy timeline in check."

"Stephen and I have collaborated on content creation/publicity for a mutual client for a number of years now. He's professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I especially like his attention to detail in regards to the entire body of content that has been created for useful links within new content. Recommended!"

"Having Stephen as a contributor has been a joy...and we look forward to him returning to visit us in Eindhoven. Stephen is both a skilled writer and a keen observer of expat zeitgeist."

"Stephen has been a true asset to work with. He intuitively knows what needs to be done and is resourceful, which is hugely valuable for any busy professional. I can turn over a project to him and know that someone very sharp is on top of it and I don’t need to worry about it at all. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a partner in your business."

“Stephen is one of the few people in recent years who approached the company and we simply couldn’t afford NOT to hire him. He was responsive and responsible, professional and prompt, and his work has been outstanding. He takes charge of projects and sees them through, and I never have to worry about things getting done or accidentally slipping through the cracks. He has set a new standard for outside contractors at our company.”

“Stephen has been a life saver, time saver, and stress reliever by taking over my blogs. With Stephen’s entrepreneurial experiences, he is able to “speak” directly to my clients and contacts about what it means to buy, own, or sell a business without my need to constantly edit content or change direction of a topic. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Stephen for writing projects!”

“Stephen is an incredibly professional, quick and talented writer who brings a tremendous amount of positive energy to his work.”

"Stephen was a great asset to our company. We hired Stephen for a 16-week project, and he delivered with ease. What stood out to me the most about hiring Stephen was his tenacity to learn our business and industry. Stephen was able to capture our brand voice, unique value props, and core messaging quickly and create content that speaks to our target audience. He takes command of his work, never misses a deadline, and was ultra-communicative throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend Stephen for your next project."

“Writerly is a world-class writing organization that I have used extensively for various writing projects online and offline. Professional, talented and trustworthy are three words I would use to describe Writerly and its entire staff!”

"Stephen has always provided support and advice to our teams. He’s a pleasure to work with and provides interesting insights. I highly recommend his writing if you’d like to improve the content on your site and engage your audience."

"As anyone who is starting a business knows, one simply doesn’t have time to do all the things. One of the things that can be tough to find time for is getting your brand’s voice out there, and on the writing side, I can’t say enough about Stephen’s ability to generate valuable content for an audience. Sure, there are plenty of writers that can churn out content for content's sake, but Stephen’s superpower is being able to provide something more bespoke. Something that sounds as if your company wrote it, and wrote it for your audience – even if he’s never written about your thing or to your audience before. There is a combination of research and intuition that he masterfully applies to write content as if it were his brand instead of yours. I highly recommend his services!"