Brand Commitments

Neil Gaiman’s Advice

In March 2009 I was at an academic conference in Minneapolis and Neil Gaiman was one of the featured speakers. While I had not read anything he had written at the time (I definitely have since) the buzz from my fellow nerds got me excited about what he had to say. One challenge he gave to all of us was to “make good art” in whatever field you were called to work in. That’s an important message to hear at any age. But what really stuck with me from his talk was something along these lines…

In writing, there are three key benchmarks: be on time, be friendly, be the best. If you can be at least two of these at any given time, you’ll always have work.

If you’re on time and the best, you’ll be forgiven for not being friendly.
If you’re friendly and on time, you’ll be forgiven for not being the best.
If you’re the best and friendly, you’ll be forgiven for not being on time.

But if you can be all three of these, you’ll be unstoppable.

I applied those ideas to the business I was building at that time (and to other businesses since) and that philosophy has been part of the foundations of Writerly from day one.

Writerly Brand Commitments

I will deliver your content on time.
I will work with you and your team in a friendly manner.
I will be the best writer in your brand’s voice.

I’ll only take you on as a client if I believe that

  1. We are good cultural fits for each other.
  2. I’m excited about representing your brand.
  3. I can deliver all three of these brand commitments to you.

Please note that I refuse to write for any company that in any way attacks Jesus Christ or the teachings of His Church.